Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gosh, we love this monkey...

First Day of School

First day of "school" (Mother's Day Out) Fall 2010

Davis with his first lunch box
(but much more interested in where his golf clubs must be)

This year, Davis is going to a Mother's Day Out program twice a week.  He loves getting to play with friends and I love that he has some structure.  And, it is also nice to get things done so that I can freely enjoy my time with Davis without thinking of my long to-do list. 

Davis was a little apprehensive at first, but as soon as he saw his pal Bailey, he was excited and ready to play.  He got a great report from his teacher, but he did not partake in the naptime.  Miss Melissa said the Davis was just too anxious to play.  Maybe he will be more open to the idea of a nap on a mat on Thursday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We decided what we are giving Davis for his birthday...

Davis will become a big brother in April for his second birthday!

We had our first doctor appointment on Thursday and saw a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat.  Praise the Lord!  We are very thankful for this gift and are prayerful for a normal pregnancy, healthy baby, and smooth transition as our family goes from three to four.

With Davis and the new baby's future birthday literally being days apart from one another, Jared and I already know that we will have to be sure to make each day is special.  But what a joy!

Picture time with Mom

Okay Mom, I'll smile for a picture...

But not so many, you're embarassing me!!!  No more pictures Mom, gosh...

Well, okay, one more :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Lord sends us angels in a variety of forms.  Sometimes they are messengers, some are guardians, and some are fairies.

Our family has our own personal fairy.  My mom's best friend, Fairy, is quite simply amazing.  I have known this for the past 20 years, but I've really seen and learned it more and more over the past few days.  Fairy has been by my mom's side a lot over the past few days while my mom recovers from back surgery. And I find myself continually thanking the Lord for her, and just being amazed by her loving friendship. 

Fairy is so generous, positive, and just plain fun.  She can put anyone in a good mood, guaranteed.  Fairy dose not take excuses.  You are going to see the positive, no other option.

My mom and Fairy have done a ton of things together.  Countless shopping trips with hilarious tales, craft projects that go way through the night, watched movies that they knew their husbands wouldn't want to...  But Fairy has also been by Mom's side through a particularly tough year.  But I was so heartwarmingly speechless (is that even a phrase?) to see Fairy, once again, so enthusiastically and selflessly be there for Mom again this weekend. 

It does not surprise me.  I mean I know that is what friends do for one another.  And after all, there is a 20 year history of how Fairy displays her love.  But I just can't explain how it felt to realize that the Lord sends us angels through friendships, through fairies. 

Lord, thank you for Fairy.

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."  1 Thessalonians 5:11

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And this is...American Idol!

We admit, Jared and I are both American Idol fans.  We have not gotten into it every season.  Really just two years ago when David Cook won and this year.  We enjoy it, and yes, we even vote.
Jared had the opportunity through work to entertain some of his clients, who are also big American Idol fans, by taking them to the Idols Live Tour.  They are such great people and it was such a wonderful time!

This year's winner - Lee Dewyze!

Crystal Bowersox (Carroll's competition :) )
DFW native, Casey James (he was awesome live!)
All of this year's top 10

A big shout out to Brittany and Brandon for keeping Davis for both Sunday and Monday so we could be in Dallas for a few days.  You guys are the absolute best!!!

We are family, I got all my cousins (well two of them) with me

It is extremely hard to find someone on my mom's side of the family that is not F-U-N (must be spelled for proper emphasis).  My mom's mom's side of the family is from Louisiana.  They are all full of life, laugh, and just down right hilarious.  That side of the family tree is all close and really do a great job of staying connected and seeing one another.  This past weekend, we had our pretty much annual reunion with a couple of favorite cousins.

Mom, Donna, and Jude are all first cousins.  So, that makes them my second cousins?  Not sure how all of that works.  But anyway, I digress.  We went on several family vacations with Donna and family (who now live in California).  Donna has the best laugh and is amazingly laidback.  She has the most beautiful kids, who are now a sophomore in college and senior in high school - SCARY!  Donna's dad, Uncle Donald, was, and is, one of the most inspiring and influential men in my life.  Absolutely, another grandfather.  Jude is just honestly, hands down, one of the best guys you'll ever meet on the planet.  Words cannot even begin to describe him.  His nieces (my third cousins??  genealogical help please!) are close to my age so I call him, what they do, Uncle Jude.  With us all having kids, he has decided to go by Jude, the Uncle or Uncle Jude, the Great.

Donna and Jude drove to Palestine so that we could all get together.  We were only able to stay for the day, so it felt too short.  But it was such a treat to see them.

Davis and I with Uncle Jude, the Great

Picture time with Donna (Uncle Jude thought the Memories and bouquet were a must for the picture :) )
They are so great about making the rounds to see family.  And they really remind and inspire me to get out and do the same.  Donna, Jude - be expecting some house calls from the Greens soon!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just because there is a gate...

Doesn't mean that I won't try to get through!

Maybe if I pull really hard


I am blessed to still have three of my grandparents still with us, and just down the road!  So, Davis and I made the drive to Gilmer to see two of them.

First stop was at Nana's house.  Nana is the most amazing grandmother.  She was the grandmother that was at every recital, play, pep rally, you name it.  I cherish the memories of spending weeks (literally) in the summer at her house doing all kinds of fun and creative things.  You were sure to have fun, and to learn something.  And of course, you could eat all of the things that your mom would not (like icing for breakfast).  So, true to form, as soon as we got to her house, Nana had tons of little toys out for Davis and even pulled out a little desk for him to try out. 

Nana and Poppey show Davis a desk that is just his size

After Nana's house, we headed to Papa's.  Papa always has a nickname for everyone (mine is Froggie), has the funniest sense of humor, and has been known to let grandchildren paint his toenails!  Papa is definitely a man that loves babies!  He could not wait to get his hands on Davis and Davis loved him.  He sat in his lap for about 15 minutes, which we know in toddler world is about two hours.  Papa also has puppies, which is a ton of entertainment!

Sweet Papa and Davis

Such sweet times!  I am so thankful that Davis has so many "great" great-grandparents!