Thursday, September 30, 2010

Round Top Rendezvous

Carroll and I headed off to Round Top this past weekend for a weekend of treasure hunting and lots of girl talk. 

So what is Round Top?  Let's just say, Round Top is Canton (the antique and treasures part) on steroids.  The town of Round Top (population 77) and all of the surrounding towns open up pastures and pavilions for thousands of antique and "junk" dealers for two weeks twice a year. 

Carroll and I met in Palestine on Friday afternoon, hopped in the car together, and pretty much talked nonstop until we pulled in to the town of Round Top.  Jared's mom is a Round Top regular (in fact she rents a house there year round) and started the touring of the thousands of booths and tents of antiques just about as quickly as we got out of the car.  Carroll and I quickly saw that we had a lot to see in a short amount of time.

We got up at our regular time (our Davis and Anna alarm clocks went off around 7) and got an early start to the day.  We trekked the grounds of Warrenton and found tons of really cool things, at surprisingly great prices.  This is the place to shop for sure!!  We made our way back up north, stopping at tents on either side of the highway. 

That evening we headed to one of the coolest shops I have ever been to called Leftovers.  Such amazingly beautiful treasures and the way they displayed them was just incredible.  Very much a treat!  After a couple of hours of browsing, we headed to the Fayetteville to see what the vendors had to offer at their "Open to Midnight" sale. 

Although the ending of our weekend did not go exactly as planned, it was such a wonderful weekend getaway for the two of us.  Thank you to our sweet hubbies for letting us get a nice getaway before the two of us add to our families in the spring!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Contractor

Davis may have found his future career as a contractor. 

Our Curious George continues to keep us on our toes.  Picture frames that have been out since we have lived here have suddenly become very attractive.  Cabinets that used to be of no interest are now full of temptation.  Objects, processes, etc are all very interesting these days.  You get the idea, he is exploring his territory to a whole new level. 

So, when Jared was securing a cabinet in our laundry room (that we have should have done a long time ago), Curious George was right in the middle of it.  He had to be right in the middle of the action.  It seriously looked like he was the contractor on the job, checking to ensure that Dad was doing it just so.  His Paw Paw would be proud :)

So, explain to me what this project is Dad

Make sure you line that up just right....

It's hard to get good help these days.  Is it break time yet?


One of the things I positively LOVE about living in Tyler is the opportunity for "drive-bys" from family.  I love getting a call from one of our family saying they are around the corner and want to stop by and say hi.  Monday night, Lovey (Jared's mom) came in town to do some quick shopping and stopped by to say hi.  Then, today, Gigi (my mom) and Fairy (my other mom) were in town for a day of fun and called with words I love to hear, "We're on Grande.  Mind if we stop by?"

And, yes, I know that they are not coming by to see Jared or I really, but to get a Davis fix instead.  But I love it for all three of us!  And Davis just eats it up!

Art time with Fairy & Gigi

Trace my hand again Gigi!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Diapers or hats?

Jared actually called them George Washington wigs.  I can see it :)

Golf club or dental floss?