Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend in Big D

What a wonderful weekend!

We left Friday morning and headed to Palestine bright and early. Jared had a business meeting, so Davis and I took the opportunity to go visit Gigi at her office and also to see Fairy. Davis loved seeing both of them and as usual, was quite the ham.

We got a late start to Dallas from Palestine but did make it in time for Davis and I to have lunch with two very special friends, Jan and Audry. Jan is the buyer I supported when I worked at Neiman Marcus. Audry and I worked together in college, literally inches from one another as our desks faced one another. Two years later, our desks were again "touching" when we were on Jan's "dream team" together. I do really miss my job, and the two of them especially.

After lunch, we headed to the Gurgs. Jared and Casey headed to the golf course and Carroll and I took the kiddos to Northpark for dinner at La Duni. We could not miss a chance to see Aunt Mille-mo (Camille) and we were so glad that Davis was finally able to meet Camille's sweet nephew, Blake. Dinner was awesome and the kids did great!

We got back to Casey & Carroll's home and decided to give Anna and Davis a bath together. After all, we have to get plenty of ammunition for future embarassment one day :) Anna wasn't too sure of sharing her bathtub with someone, especially someone was rowdy as Davis. He was splashing her, screaming with excitement, and talking nonstop. Davis even flipped himself back in the bathtub when Carroll and I were trying to take a picture of the kiddos beside the bathtub. And sweet Anna just sat there, trying to figure out what on earth this "wild man" was up to.

Saturday was wonderful. Beautiful weather, no was just perfect. The boys took the babies to the park, proudly beating their chests when they shared the gloating comments the other mothers had poured on them for being such good dads. And they are :) After lots of play time and even some estate sale shopping, we headed to dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. How wonderful it was to be able to walk to dinner! The kids got a pretty fun shuttle ride :)

When we returned, we had to do a repeat of the double bath time. This time, Anna became convinced it was pretty fun.

We left early to head back to church in Tyler this morning. We had such a great time! Being able to see Jan and Audry on Friday afternoon, Camille, Jennifer and Blake that night, and then to spend two whole nights with the Gurgs, well, it was just amazing. We are already looking forward to the next time!

Aunt Camille, Davis, Blake, Jennifer

Anna Carroll at La Duni

"Hey you! We're both in the bathtub!"

Davis is excited, Anna is not too sure...

The two buddies on the porch swing

Hanging out together

Carroll, Anna, Davis and I (this is as good of a picture as we got)

First class seats

Anna gives Davis a hug
Funny boy
Water babies

Anna is convinced. This is pretty fun!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Uncle Ari

I met my friend Ariah during my sophomore year of college. Since that time, our friendship has had a sixth sense to it. I am not sure if there is a blog log enough to list all the weird stories, so I'll leave it to just one.

Ari randomly showed up at my door when I was in anaphylactic shock and rushed me to the hospital, all the while calling my parents and Jared with updates. So, when my anaphylactic history pushed up Davis' arrival, I laughed at the irony that the c-section was scheduled for April 6, Ari's birthday. Of course.

So, Ari took it upon himself to give his birthday buddy an over the top first birthday present. And over the top it is!! Ari bought Davis Gucci shoes. That's right, Gucci shoes for a one year old!! But that's Ari, overly generous, always thinking big, and undeterrable.

While I am in a heap of trouble if Davis is as eccentric as Uncle Ari, it will be a huge blessing if he has as big of a heart.

But one question Ari...what does Davis' mama get for her birthday???

Davis shows off his present from his birthday buddy

Checking out the new shoes

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Definition of Excitement

Davis' loving and very generous Aunt Brittany (my sister) and Uncle Brandon gave him a miniature golf cart for his birthday. It came complete with golf clubs, golf balls, and Davis' favorite part, a horn that he loves to push.

One of the characteristics that Jared and I cherish about Davis is how antimated he is in showing his happiness.

Click here for a video for what could easily be described as the definition of excitement :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Big Party

Well, the party was a success! The weather was beautiful, we loved having all of our family together, and Davis had a blast! Of course, he got WAY more presents than he needs (we will definitely be going through our toy closet and making some donations to make room), but we are thankful for everyone's generosity.

I did not get very many pictures, but I know a couple of great photographers in the family who did. So, I'll post some whenever I get them from them.

But, probably one of the most memorable moments was caught on video. I'll set the stage for the video below. My sweet, amazing sister graciously volunteered to make Davis' cake, in the shape of a golf ball, no less. We had just opened presents and all gathered on the patio to watch the birthday boy dig into his cake. I think actions speak louder than words for what happened next.

Click Here for Video

Thankfully, we had another cake for the guests :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2009 at 2:38 pm

I cannot help but get a little emotional today. I know, I know, not a huge surprise. But I am overwhelmed not with sadness, but more so with humble thankfulness.

I am humbled at God's loving hand in our life. God has a plan and I have strongly been reminded of it over the past couple of days. I am reminded of the day Jared and I found out we were expecting and how I was a bit overwhelmed. But He calmed me.

I remember how God so sovereignly allowed me to experience contractions from a stomach virus in January so that I could know what they felt like. So when I experienced stronger Braxton Hicks contractions a couple of months later, I was able to know what was going on and take notice when I had reactions. God knew that my body was not going to be withstand labor and this was His way of letting me and my doctor in on his plan. Those reactions of course led to a scheduled c-section four weeks before his due date. But that was God's plan to keep sweet Davis alive and well.

At 2:38 pm on this day last year, we learned that this baby that God had created was a boy. And, my oh my, have we learned over the past year that is this child boy to the bone!

It is so humbling to me to remember how God's hand has so carefully and lovingly painted circumstances in our life to protect us, guide us, and let us know He is there. He placed several events in our lives all in His plan for Davis. A humbling thought.

I can honestly say that this little man has taught me how to love deeper than I had ever thought possible. Through the blessing of parenthood, Jared and I have a closer relationship than ever and I am so thankful. God knew that for me personally, I needed to be a parent to take my relationship with Him to the next level. I am so thankful.

God, I give You all the glory for this sweet, loving little man. Thank you for his exuberance and excitement. Thank you for his health. It is not taken for granted. You made Davis for Your specific plan and I cannot wait to see how the layers of Your plan will reveal themselves!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

Technically, this is Davis' second Easter. But we did not really get to celebrate it last year as we brought him home from the hospital that weekend.

Here are some pictures of our celebrations, although a little out of order...

Davis shows off what the Easter bunny left this morning

He finally got the hang of eating a Peep

We really started our Easter celebration on Saturday morning. We woke up and headed to Athens for an Easter brunch and party with my parents and sister's family. The Athens Country Club put on a great event, complete with a petting zoo, clowns, bounce house, egg hunt, etc. Of course, Davis enjoyed Paw Paw and the swimming pool the best!

Cousin Brynn gets a hug. Isn't she beautiful???

Getting a balloon animal from one of the clowns

Gathering up eggs with Daddy and Paw Paw

This child LOVES water. I know where we will be this summer!

Great buddies - Davis and his Paw Paw

Fun with Grandmothers

Davis got some good quality time with grandparents on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday started a new routine at our house. We will be headed to a couples growth group Bible study every other Thursday. So, that means every other Thursday, Davis gets a babysitter. And, Jared and I are able to get in some great fellowship time, and adult conversation :).

Lovey (Jared's mom) and Papa Steve were able to watch him this week. Of course, Lovey brought Davis some Easter treats to enjoy a couple of days early.

What's in there?

Checking out the duck that really quacks

Eating his first "Peep"

Gigi (my mom) came over on Friday to tackle the "window curtain mission" that is currently going on in our dining room. It took us basically all day to figure out what exactly we (meaning she, because you know I can't sew!) were going to do. To take a break from the frustration, we decided to let Davis test out his birthday toy from Gigi and Paw Paw. Needless to say, the sand box was a huge hit.

Climbing in

Figuring it all out

And the pacifier went back in... He could not resist the urge to eat it. But he had a blast!