Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A week from today...

I cannot believe that Davis will be ONE next Tuesday! Seriously, is this even possible???

I am so thankful that he is such a happy, healthy, loving little boy and count my blessings each day.

The first year is full of such "overnight" developments, which is so exciting. But Davis, Mom & Dad are completely okay with you slowing down a little bit. We are not in any rush for our baby to grow up too quickly :) !!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two more firsts

This past year has been filled with such fun and exciting "firsts". We all document the first time a little one smiles, laughs, sits up, crawls, walks, etc. And every baby book has a spot dedicated to such an exciting milestone.

But, then there are those milestones that are of course destined to occur, but do not exactly have a highlighted section in the traditional baby album. The first smashed finger is one of those.

Davis loves to play with cabinets. And on Wednesday, his excitement for cabinets was met with the reality of what it feels like to get your finger caught in one.

Poor little guy... But being the curious little boy that he is. I am sure it is not the last.

So the first injury is not one of those heartwarming milestones, but rather heart-wrenching. But it is another sign that he is growing up.

The poor little finger

Daddy is making it better

Just one more hug will make me better

Our sweet neighbors came over on Thursday and brought Davis an Easter present. How kind and thoughtful! Evelyn and Calvin are so dear and we are thankful to have them next door.

Davis with his first Easter bunny

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Choose to Believe

I sat down for my quiet fellowship with the Lord today and prayed that He would bring to light an area of my life that I had not been addressing. And that He did!

Unbelief. I am going though a Bible study that discusses how to break free and live the life that God intended. Today's message: the sin of unbelief.

Unbelief being a sin, really? Worshipping other gods, adultery, murder - that I get. But I had never thought about unbelief being a sin. But the more I thought and looked into it, the connection made more sense and the prevalence in my life was revealed.

God really put in on my heart that unbelief in Him is actually a form of pride, and I was acting on it several times a day. When we doubt that He can do what He in fact can, that we in our "infinite knowledge" have it figured out more than Him, we are reflecting our own pride. We are showing that we believe our own opinion of the matter to be superior to the Lord's by choosing to disbelieve.

It was a pretty big boulder for me. And I am thankful that the Lord revealed it to me today as He also revealed to me that I can choose to correct this behavior. To quote Beth Moore, "Belief is not a feeling. It's a choice." The pen took over and I started to write down several "I choose to believe" statements.

I choose to believe!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The First Haircut

So long Billy Ray Cyrus hairdo, hello little boy haircut!

We admit it. Our son totally has rocked a mullet for the past month or so. Being the first time mother that I am, I, of course, wanted it to be "special" with Jared there and a camera handy. So with Davis being under the weather for a couple of weeks and Jared's busy work schedule, it took a while before we could make it to the barber shop.

Davis did great! He never said a peep. I think he was mesmerized by the 4 or 5 ceiling fans that were on. The pictures do not really give the full effect, but his new haircut makes him look more like a little boy and less like a baby. This whole "turning one" and growing up is becoming far too real for my comfort...

Getting in the chair like a big boy

The "Before"

"Just a little off of the back, please"

View from the side of the "After"

View from the back of the "After"

Meeting the Newest Green

Two weekends ago, we were finally able to make it to Waco meet the newest member of the Green family.

Thomas Burke Green is our new nephew, born February 22nd to parents Justin and Robin Green. He is just beautiful and so incredibly sweet.

These two Green boys are just under a year apart and are destined to get in a lot of trouble together at Lovey's house and Papa B's lakehouse one day.

"Dad, he is just so cool. Can I touch him?"

The Green boys - Jared, Davis, Justin, and Thomas

I love being an aunt!

"What? This isn't a toy for me?"

Thomas Burke Green

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Tears...Oh my!

Today was Davis' first trip to the zoo. I had been counting down the days all week! Gorgeous weather, fun friends, and even a new stroller!

But of course, Davis was not as excited as I was...

Overall, I would give Davis a B- for his effort. Considering that he didn't cry the whole time puts him at least passing. I give him points to put him above the average that perhaps it was just first time nerves... :)

Oh well, maybe next time he'll oohh and aahh like I had hoped. Or at least be somewhat as happy as the other kids to be there.

I think Mom may have goofed and waited to long to feed little D. Yes, let's go with that!

I love you Davis! One day, you'll be crying because you don't want to leave :) !

Finally, Mom gave me a snack... I thought she'd never listen!

Davis enjoying some birds

I think he likes birds...could not stop watching the flamingoes

Having lunch with the giraffes and elephants
Logan, Shepard, and Davis (from L to R) heading home

Monday, March 8, 2010

11 months!

Just one more month until the big FIRST birthday!

Davis keeps us laughing all the time! With his exuberant curiousity and oh-so mischievious looks, we are constantly on our toes. What a blessing he is to our life!

A few highlights from this month!
Getting ready for bathtime!
(He's going to love this shot in about 15 years...)

Always Finding a New Toy

Playing outside

First attempt at eating with a spoon

I'm 11 months old today!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Bug, The Gurgs, and Another Bug

What a week! And what a strange blog title! Here is the explanation...

The First Bug
After I had put Davis down for his morning nap on Thursday, I walked by our computer to find what the dreaded news. Pop-ups were going everywhere, flashes of the scary text of "Data about to be lost", and "adult female entertainment" icons were staring at me from the monitor.

I absolutely panicked! I had been saying how I needed to back up our computer. But, like the junk drawer in our utility room, I had completely procrastinated on it. I had no one to blame but myself for my panic, but I couldn't help myself. Over 3000 pictures and all of my nerdy spreadsheets potentially gone...AAHHH!!!

The Geek Squad at Best Buy was able to save my data and restore my computer (only after completing wiping off my hard drive) for the lovely price of $300. But worth every penny to get my data back.

So that was Bug #1 that attacked the Green Household.

The Gurgs
We had been counting down the days to have our beloved "Gurgs" at our house since, well... probably since we moved to Tyler in July. Sadly, it has taken us until this past Friday for us to get our house ready for guests, for both families not to have plans, and for both of the kiddos to be healthy. That's just life. Things get so busy. But we were so ready! I think Carroll and I called each other a half of a dozen times throughout the week.

Casey, Carroll, and sweet Anna arrived on Friday afternoon about 3:30. Davis was super happy to see Anna and took a particular liking to "Uncle Casey".

It was such a fun time! We just hung out and did what families of babies do. We watched them play, giggled, and talked about how sweet they are. In all seriousness, they are our very dearest friends and we miss how often we hung out together when we lived in Dallas. This weekend was great and we cannot wait to have a trip to their new home!

Pictures to come... after I download some software to restore the mess the "first bug" caused to our computer.

The Second Bug
Davis started getting sick on Saturday just as the Gurgs pulled out of town (thankfully for them). Poor baby...the ol' stomach bug hit. It was not pretty and very heartbreaking.

Saturday night - the bug found me. I finally was able to go to sleep about 4 am. Thankfully, Jared took care of little man Sunday morning so I could rest.

Lunchtime on Sunday - the bug found its way to Jared. I think it had gained some super powers by the time it hit Jared. Bless his heart, I think he probably got it the worst of all.

Fast forward to Wednesday - Jared was still sick and Davis still was getting sick with each bottle. What a week! Praise God, I had somehow been pulled together to take care of my men.

Thursday is here and while we are thankful Jared has recovered, Davis now has been running fever for about 24 hours and has a cough. Poor little guy... Lots of loving is the trick. And as they say, this too shall pass.

Here is to a beautiful weekend!