Saturday, July 31, 2010


Jared had the day off on Friday and was insistent that I take some time for myself (eek, have I been looking frazzled???).  My mom and Fairy were going to Canton, so I decided to take my opportunity to go baby-free, despite the heat.

We had a really good time, but of course you cannot help yourself when you are with the two that I was with.  Mom and Fairy (my best friend's mom who is also my mom's best friend, and the wife of my dad's best friend - you get the picture, we are all very close) are always good for laughs.  Seriously, those two cut up more than any other two ladies you'll ever see.  They are also really good at decorating houses.  So, you are sure to pick up some good ideas and tips when you're shopping with them.  It was insanely hot, but what a fun day!

And what about the boys?  Davis was having so much fun with Daddy that he only slept a total of 45 min (his usual is about 2.5/3 hours). 

Friday was FUN-day for the Greens!

Curled up with a good book

Davis rediscovered the Bumbo chair and decided what else goes with a nice seat, but a good book!
(Interesting because he did not sit in it much as an infant, he threw up almost every time we got in it.  Glad we're getting some use out of it)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where's your belly?

There it is!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24 Hours With Friends

Davis and I took the opportunity to go see the Gurgs when Jared had an early morning meeting in Dallas scheduled on Monday. 

We headed out after Davis' nap on Sunday afternoon and made it to the Gurg hotel around 4.  The kids are so cute together.  It takes a few minutes of shyness before they both start chasing each other around.  This was the first time for them to play together with them both being walkers, so there was a lot of running around the house going on.

Anna found Davis!  Davis loves climbing in this cabinet in their family room

The boys kept the kiddos Sunday night while I went to dinner with Carroll and her sweet friend Rebecca. It was so nice to have a girls' dinner.

Monday morning, Davis and I tagged along with Gurg girls to their Little Gym class.  We had never been to an organized class like this, but it was SO much fun!  I wish we had a place like this in Tyler.  We sang songs, did little exercises, and basically, watched the kids run around in a padded room where they pretty much cannot possibly get hurt.  Davis' face was priceless.  He loved it!  Unfortunately, I did not get many of those priceless smiles in pictures.

We left about 4:00 on Tuesday, just about 24 hours after we got there.  While it is always too short of a trip,  we loved every minute!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Last night, the POPS of the MOPS group finally met.  Sounds funny right? 

I joined the Mothers of Preschoolers group at our church in the fall and it was an absolute answered prayer.  I absolutely love these girls and have made some dear friendships, as have Davis with their children. 

Well, during all of this time, our husbands had never met one another.  So the POPS (papas of preschoolers sounds better than FOPS, fathers of preschoolers) of our MOPS group finally got to meet last night.  It was so much fun for us all to get together.  Weathers and Bilberrys, we missed you!  But, we will definitely be doing it again!

Big thank you to Tara who took all of these pictures!  I cannot believe I did not pull my camera out a single time!

Top (l to r):  Stephanie, Danielle, me
Bottom (l to r):  Kristin, Tara, Jill

Chef Balliet - he is the grill master and was so great to take charge of the fajita cookin'.  Thank you Chris - they were YUM!

The dads spent most of the time outside, because, of course, that is where the kids wanted to be

Kohlson and Micah playing in the sandbox.  I think all of the kiddos earned their bathtime last night!

Kohlson and Bailey, the only princess amongst all of the princes

Shepard did a great job of mowing our floors.  Thanks Shep!
Kristin and the newest little one Gavin, well until today when Dillon made his arrival

The Crain family of three, before being a table of four (Danielle still gets a prize for coming the night before being induced!)

This is one of my new favorite pictures of Davis - thanks Tara!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One and a Quarter

Happy One and a 1/4 day Davis!

Praise the Lord for a healthy, happy little boy!

(Well, mostly happy... 5 shots in one day, I would be upset too...)