Saturday, November 27, 2010

Adelyn Camille

I loved the surprise of not knowing with Davis.  It was really indescribable to find out what our baby was and seconds later be able to see for ourselves.  But, I have to say, this knowing what gender your baby is before they get here is pretty awesome too! 

Here are my top 4 reasons why:
1.  I love using pronouns when referring to the baby.  She and her sound make it seem so much more real than it. 

2.  I love that you can actually buy things beforehand that are not yellow or green.  But also dangerous (yes, I have already bought several dresses :) ).  All I have to say is praise the Lord I did not know what we were having when I still worked at Neiman Marcus.  Seeing how fun it is to buy for your little one while you're actually carrying it, I know I would have been like this with a boy too. 

3.  I love that we are able to call her by name, Adelyn Camille.

Adelyn Camille is also the name that we picked out if Davis had been a girl.  When this time came along, we were both open to looking at other names, but both of us kept getting pulled back to this one.

Adelyn comes from a variant of my grandmother's name.  I adore my Nana.  When I was a little girl, I would tell her over and over that I would name my little girl after her one day.  Nana now has very advanced Parkinson's, but still reminds me of this story.  Of course, I wanted to honor both my grandmother and my word.  But unfortunately, my married last name just does not sound well with it.  I mean Emeline (pronounced Eh-ma-leen) Green sounds unbelievably country as you can't help but break out the twang with it rhyming and all.  So, when I was pregnant with Davis, I searched on the Internet variants of her name.  Coming across Adelyn, it was the perfect match.  It means noble and kind, was a version of Nana's name, and had the Lynn sound in it, which happens to be my sister's middle name.  So, Adelyn it was.

Camille is the name of my very best friend and means virginal, unblemished character.  Camille and I have been best friends since the second grade, over 16 years ago.  She is truly my other sister and regardless of where we live, I cannot live without her.  Camille is trustworthy, kind, loving, beautiful, diligent and hard-working.  All traits I pray Adelyn emulates.  I love that this little girl will carry on a piece of our very special friendship and remind me daily of what a blessing best friends are.

So, Miss Adelyn Camille, I hope you like your name!  I know it doesn't sound like your Daddy had much involvement.  But he does approve!

4.  I also love being able to pray for her by name.
Adelyn Camille, I pray that you become a woman described in Titus, self-controlled and pure, hard-working, kind and gentle, and a reflection of God's will and love as a wife.  I pray that you are confident to stand your ground, and gentle enough to be humble.  I pray that you always find your confidence and strength in the Lord and the heart He produces in you, not by your beauty, as the world will try to teach you it should be the opposite. 
I pray that you are resilient and positive like your great-grandmother, and loving and hard-working like your "aunt".  I pray for a strong little body that is full of good health and a quick smile like your brother's.  And yes, sweet Adelyn, I pray that you sleep as well and as joyfully as your brother too. 
Thank you Lord for the blessing of this sweet girl.  Please convict me daily on how to live so I can be a reflection for her of how a woman should be that is walking in Your footsteps.  AMEN

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baseball to Ballet Recitals

Yesterday, Jared and I travelled to Dallas for my regular OB appointment and the mid-pregnancy perinatal appointment, aka The Big Reveal.

We had not found out the gender with Davis, so the thought that we were actually going to know the gender of this little one when we left was a bit overwhelming for me.  But adding to my emotions was that I really took health for granted when I was pregnant with Davis.  "Of course he would be healthy," spoke my naivety as we went for the perinatal appointment the last time around.  Now that he's here and I realize more and more how miraculous the whole creation is and that health is not certain, I could not help but be anxious to hear the health stats of the newest little one.

Praise the Lord, we have another healthy, strong baby coming our way!  With every check of the baby, I could not help but just be overwhelmingly thankful to the Lord, which of course meant the slow flow of tears. 

It is such a strange moment for the question to be asked, "Do you want to know the gender of your baby?"  It felt like an eternity for me to spit out the words that we in fact do.  When the tech said, "It's a girl," it felt like such a surreal moment.  Surreal that there was a confirmation, that we actually had an insight about this little one.  And the tears began to flow hard...

Praise the Lord for the blessing of two healthy children and for the miracle of their being!

So, here we games to ballet recitals!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Duck Commander

Evidently, after the introduction of golf clubs, learning how to call ducks is next!

As you can tell, the duck call was a BIG hit!  Definitely makes for an interesting drive down the road!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I wear my sunglasses...

Mickey Mouse, aka Davis

Unfortunately, there was no such luck in keeping the ears or the gloves on.  But this little Mickey had a good time sporting his Mickey shoes and getting to roam around our street to get goodies from neighbors.

As close as the ears got...

Getting some goodies at Mrs. Rath's house (Yes, that would be microwave popcorn.  Good job D!)

Mickey shows off his tail

The cousins - Star Wars Bridger, Peacock Princess Brynn, and Mickey Mouse Davis

Monday, November 1, 2010

Project Pacifier Purge Update

The week of our trial actually went pretty well.  But the outcome of our scientific experiment was that while Davis can take a nap without his little friend, naps without result in a naptime of about an hour and a half, and with the little friend, literally double the time.  About half the week he did not have it at naps, the other he did.  On the days he got it, he got really good at handing me his pacifier when I went into his room after a nap.

So, what's the official verdict, you ask?... (drum roll please)...

You bet, this mama is not crazy!  Davis, you can still have your pacifier at naptime!  Sorry, Dr. B, we'll try the official purge at a later date!

He's BAAAACK!!!!

Praise the Lord!

The upset-at-the-world Davis has taken a back seat to our sweet, loving, social, fun-loving little guy!  As last week went on, I begin to see more and more of the Davis I know back in action.  It was music to my ears when I picked Davis up from Sunday school and his teacher said, "Davis had a great day.  We had old Davis back and we just loved it!" 

Still don't know what was going on with that little guy over the past few weeks, but I love having this smile back!!