Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Half a Year

Well half a year is in the record books for Miss Adelyn Camille (and let's be honest, in two days, she'll be seven months)!

The Lord tears your heart open and pours Himself into you like you've never imagined the first time you get your hands on your baby.  For the first time, you get a glimpse into what true, unequivocal, unconditional love feels like.  You cannot imagine that this feeling could ever be repeated.  And then you hold another one, specifically given to you, and you find that it very much can.  And every day for the past 6 (really 7, oops) months deepens that feeling.

Addy girl, what an absolute JOY you are! 

I love that you are still a mama's girl and your best smiles and giggles go to your daddy.  You have developed an enormous amount of patience with a brother that just oh so desperately wants to play with you.  Good thing you think he's pretty funny! 

You can sit up now, but would much rather get to your stomach to try to crawl or dig your heels in to try to stand up.  But, you're still a big fan of lying on your back so you can play with your feet.  You watch so intently while I cook dinner, already my little pal.  You seem to have a more broad palette than your brother did (doesn't take much to reach that bar) at the three meal times a day.   It's a wonder any baby food gets into your mouth at all because, my dear, you are unbelievably messy at meal times.  I love that you are a good snuggler, and love even more that you are such a peaceful sleeper. 

Isser (your brother's name for you), you are such a pumpkin.  So thankful for you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Months and Big Boy Changes

Adelyn turned 5 months old last week, and what a joy she has been!

Addy girl is really showing a lot of personality and interacts so much with us these days.  She loves to copy you blowing raspberries at her, will giggle for her Daddy, is becoming thoroughly entertained by her brother, and, thankfully, is still a bit of a Mama's girl :).  She is still a great sleeper, sleeping from 7:45 at night to 7/7:30 in the morning.  What can I say...she gets her sleeping habits from her mother's side!  Per dr orders, we've tried some solids, and she's getting better at it.  Adelyn is getting close to being able to sit up and is just oh so fun.

We are so thankful for this sweet little lady!

And what about the D man?

Well, we made the the big boy bed!  After a few tears the first night and lots of loving from mom and dad, we all made it.

Come today!

I saw one of my new all-time favorite movies last week.  LOVE it!  I had read the book (which is incidentally, one of my all-time favorite books), and am always a bit hesitant to see how a novel gets played out on the silver screen.  But I could not have been more impressed with how it was so wonderfully done.

As I sat in the theater, I laughed at the humor, smiled at the enduring friendships, but most often my heart ached.  I watched as these people were, in a nutshell, experiencing the heart-ache of an imperfect world.  Sure I experience it every day, but there in so much more than black and white, was it so clear.  And it made me ache, for myself, for others, but mostly for my babies who were sleeping peacefully in my bed.

My heart is already aching for the tears that will come the first time that they experience a cruel judgment, a disappointment, a hardship.  All are inevitable for each of them, both as a recipient, but sadly as also instigator.  We have all been judged and have judged.  They will be no different.  Just another symptom of a world that has been tainted.

We live in an inevitably imperfect world, but we have a perfect Savior.  I, admittedly, get a little bit of anxiety at the thought of the rapture.  I have no fear of meeting my Savior in the "traditional" way, for whatever reason, the image of the rapture would freak me out a bit.  I've read books explaining it, participated in discussions, but still, the unknown of it seemed so unnerving.  Until now, until having children. No more pain, no more suffering for those who know Jesus as Lord - YES!  The idea that those sweet little ones would not have to experience the hardships of a sin-filled world... AMEN!  Thank you Lord for using something as simple as a non-religious movie to assure me how wonderful Your second coming will be.

Once again, the Lord used my parenting role to retierate the love He has for us.  The protective, loving feeling I experience does not even match His feeling for us.  He does not want his children to suffer.  He gave us His son to redeem us, and one day He will have the final victory.  Lord Jesus, come today!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Next Generation of Buddies

Given that these little pumpkins have parents that have been friends for decades, these kids are destined for many, many adventures together.  Good thing they like one another!

Of course it took several pictures to try to get one of them all.

Davis (2 yrs), Adelyn (3 mths), Will (4 mths), Anna (2 yrs)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daddy and His Babies

Daddy and Addy

In the middle of bedtime stories

Such sweet times!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 Months

Our little lady has been with us for three months, and what a blessing it has been!

Addy Girl is such a sweetheart, a bit of a mama's girl (which anyone who knows Davis knows he's a Daddy's boy.  So I have to admit, it's kind of nice :) ), and already showing signs of her feminine nature.  She has such a girly whimper when something scares her and can be a tad dramatic if her brother loves her just a little too hard.  It has been so fun noticing the differences in boys versus girls, even in these early, early stages.

Some tid bits on our little bit:
- Rolling from her tummy to her back more often, but hasn't accomplished the opposite direction quite yet. 
- Totally a hand/finger sucker
- Smiles more and more each day and beginning to laugh.  Priceless, love when they start to show signs of a little person!
- Loves a good gab session of "cooing"
- PRAISE THE LORD!  Giving all the glory to God on this one - she's on a dependable schedule!  For those that know me well, know that the planner in me is just thrilled!
- Eats 4.5-6 oz every 3 hours during the day.  Made the switch to formula at 8 weeks and she has been a happy camper!
- Another big hallelujuah to God - She's slept through the night 7 straight nights!  Leary about saying we're there for good in fear of jinxing it.  But she goes to bed for the night at 8 and up for the day at 7/7:30 (with the last week's worth of nights without interruption, again fingers crossed and prayers a'prayin' that it continues).  She takes two short naps in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon. 
- Growing out of her clothes!  She's now in 3-6 months clothes.  Which means it's shopping time for Mommy! 
- Gotten pretty good about sitting in the Bumbo.  Loves her swing, mobile and playmat
- Losing her hair, but looks like she's keeping those blue eyes.  They keep getting lighter and brighter.
- Is told that she looks like the Green side of the family, and I totally agree

Adelyn is such a blessing and we are so thankful for this little lady!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Monday, May 30, 2011


Well, not missing entirely, but a bit preoccupied, no clues why... (can you just taste the sarcasm there?)

The Green household is doing really well these days!  It seems as though we have fallen into a schedule the past two weeks, which I love a plan!

Miss Adelyn is 10 weeks old today!  She is smiling more and more each day, rolling over occasionally from her tummy to back (but not consistently), likes to "stand-up" in your lap, loves to have a conversation of "cooing", usually waking up only once at night (last bottle at 7:30ish, waking up around 2:00ish, and again for the day at 7:30ish - PRAISE THE LORD!). 

Sweet little girl showing off her baby blues and hint of her sweet dimple

Surprise face!!

Pretty little one 

Davis is such a sweetheart!  Jared and I are absolutely loving this age/stage.  He is becoming more and more like a "big boy" each day (aside from the TOTAL regression with the pacifier since the arrival of his sister and the fact that she has one...but we'll deal with that another day).  His conversations are so fun and his expressions are priceless.  His playtime is becoming more and more mature, being content with playing in the next room by himself.  He is such a sweet big brother and a total pumpkin!  Love, love, love him!!! 

And of course, still VERY much into "DOLF".  Never thought my two year old would ask to watch the golf channel...

Playing golf at Fairy's house with the new golf clubs he got from Lovey & Papa Steve at his birthday party

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Party turned to Golf Trip

Jared and I took Davis to a children's Easter party on the Saturday of Easter weekend. It was so well organized with fun things for the kids to make, clowns, the Easter bunny, yummy food, and of course, an egg hunt.

I'll let the pictures describe our course of events.

Davis is not too sure what the big deal is about all of this Easter decor...

Decorating eggs with Mom.  This lasted about 1 minute until he noticed...
The window in the room and the view of "OUTSIDE"
We did our best to try to talk him into how cool everything was inside.  So, we went and visited with the clown...
Davis thought that the clown needed to see the shark on his shirt
And he thought the frog made out balloons was pretty cool

And the Easter bunny was really cool from our table.  Davis asked to go see him, but was really unsure of his decision once we got up there to say hi.  After this, his requests for "Outside, outside" became more frequent. 

After I took a chance to get a bite to eat for myself, I took off to find where Jared and Davis had wandered off to...
this is where I found my two boys, out by the nearest golf green!  I LOVE that these two share the same hobbies already :)  And Jared even more so!
So, we picked up a golf cart and headed to the practice holes so Davis could play "Dolf".  He went up to the flag, placed his ball as close as possible without actually going in, and hit with his club in the hole.  I get it little man, make it as easy as you can on yourself!

One of Davis' other big loves is RAKES!  Imagine how cool he thought this place was... DOLF and RAKES!
We did manage to get back to the party for Davis to participate in the egg hunt.  He picked up one egg...
and headed for the nearby stairs.  In Davis-world, stairs are far more interesting than picking up eggs.
And that concluded our Easter party-turned-to-golf-outing-trip of 2011!  I can see what will be happening next year.  Adelyn and I will be inside, and Davis and Daddy will be out on the range!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

But Mom, camo rain boots improve my golf game!

So sorry buddy.  Mom stands corrected :)

Due date

April 15th, the infamous tax day, was the date that Miss Adelyn was "due". 
This sweet little girl is such a joy! 
We praise the Lord that we have been able to enjoy this healthy, happy pumpkin for the past four weeks!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Two by Two

Our two year old by our two week old!
Another shout out to Bitter Berry Boutique for the cute Big Bro/Lil Sis shirts!

Davis turned two this week and Adelyn has already been with us for two weeks (three on Monday).

Davis put up some "big" (super sarcasm :) ) stats from his two year checkup on Wednesday.  This little guy with the big heart and personality is a wee little thing, measuring in the 7th percentile for weight and 4th for height.  Dr. B added he was in the 100th for eyelashes.  Have to agree with you there Dr. B!  Oh well!  Jared says he doesn't need height to be a good golfer :) 

Davis loves all things outdoors, matchbox cars, trains, books, colors, blocks, music, guitars, dancing, and most of all - the LEAF BLOWER!  He asks about it probably 50 times a day.  We can add persistence to his list of characteristics and qualities, that's for sure!  Prayers have been answered and Davis has shown to be a super loving big brother.  He goes around asking to "touch" (which is code for he wants to rub her hair), he loves to hold and kiss her, and is sweet when she cries. 

He is full of life and we are so thankful for him!

Adelyn, so far, is a calm baby, only getting upset when it's time to eat and diaper change times.  We had an amazing first week at home in the nighttime sleep category.  Things aren't quite as amazing, but nothing unbearable, and considering she's newborn, she's due :).  She seems to love her brother's noise (which is a blessing because it is constant and unavoidable!), is a spit bubble machine, loves the bouncy seat and a good nap on the couch, sometimes sounds like a sweet little kitty when she cries, has the most adorable peaceful awake times where she calmly looks around, and thankfully doesn't seem to mind the car. 

She is a sweet, sweet girl and is the perfect addition to our family!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The First Few Days as a Family of Four

Adelyn was born on Monday, March 21 and the three of us were in the hospital until Thursday, March 24 (a day sooner than planned!). 

Jared and I had such a great hospital experience.  Nurses truly must be angels straight from the Lord!  With shift changes, we had 6 nurses every day - one for me, a nurse's tech for me, and a nurse for Adelyn. And we had some of the most caring, loving women taking care of us!  Each one was just such a blessing!  Jared and I kept joking that we felt a little bit like we were on vacation.

Here are some pictures during our hospital stay.

Snuggling with the little one
Sporting an outfit from a sweet girl named Anna (and some newborn rash that has thankfully gone away)
In Daddy's "nook"
A picture with Daddy before he headed into the office for a little bit
Adelyn Camille with Aunt Camille
Adelyn (2 days old) with first friend, Will Gurganus (2 weeks and 2 days old)
Sweet baby girl showing off a hat from a sweet friend

All dressed up and ready to go home!
Davis meets his "sis"
"Look at her toes"
Lovey, Aunt B, Brynn, and Bridger were at our house shortly after we got home to welcome us and meet Miss A
Davis just had to have his sister sit in his chair with him
Daddy is learning how to multi-task with two little ones

"Daddy, she has eyes!"
All of our family had to leave on Monday before Adelyn was released from the nusery.  So, Gigi and Paw Paw came on Thursday evening to get their hands on Adelyn!
Wide awake! 
Thanks Shelly for letting us borrow Hannah's bouncy seat!  Adelyn is a big fan!
Laid back after our first appointment with Dr. B

We have had a wonderful first few days as Green Party of Four!