Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come today!

I saw one of my new all-time favorite movies last week.  LOVE it!  I had read the book (which is incidentally, one of my all-time favorite books), and am always a bit hesitant to see how a novel gets played out on the silver screen.  But I could not have been more impressed with how it was so wonderfully done.

As I sat in the theater, I laughed at the humor, smiled at the enduring friendships, but most often my heart ached.  I watched as these people were, in a nutshell, experiencing the heart-ache of an imperfect world.  Sure I experience it every day, but there in so much more than black and white, was it so clear.  And it made me ache, for myself, for others, but mostly for my babies who were sleeping peacefully in my bed.

My heart is already aching for the tears that will come the first time that they experience a cruel judgment, a disappointment, a hardship.  All are inevitable for each of them, both as a recipient, but sadly as also instigator.  We have all been judged and have judged.  They will be no different.  Just another symptom of a world that has been tainted.

We live in an inevitably imperfect world, but we have a perfect Savior.  I, admittedly, get a little bit of anxiety at the thought of the rapture.  I have no fear of meeting my Savior in the "traditional" way, for whatever reason, the image of the rapture would freak me out a bit.  I've read books explaining it, participated in discussions, but still, the unknown of it seemed so unnerving.  Until now, until having children. No more pain, no more suffering for those who know Jesus as Lord - YES!  The idea that those sweet little ones would not have to experience the hardships of a sin-filled world... AMEN!  Thank you Lord for using something as simple as a non-religious movie to assure me how wonderful Your second coming will be.

Once again, the Lord used my parenting role to retierate the love He has for us.  The protective, loving feeling I experience does not even match His feeling for us.  He does not want his children to suffer.  He gave us His son to redeem us, and one day He will have the final victory.  Lord Jesus, come today!


  1. Wow, Courtney!! Wonderfully said and I couldn't agree more! Parenting changes so much.

  2. Love this! And needed to hear it!

  3. Was help The Help? I cried and cried. It was a cry-fest for sure.