Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Party turned to Golf Trip

Jared and I took Davis to a children's Easter party on the Saturday of Easter weekend. It was so well organized with fun things for the kids to make, clowns, the Easter bunny, yummy food, and of course, an egg hunt.

I'll let the pictures describe our course of events.

Davis is not too sure what the big deal is about all of this Easter decor...

Decorating eggs with Mom.  This lasted about 1 minute until he noticed...
The window in the room and the view of "OUTSIDE"
We did our best to try to talk him into how cool everything was inside.  So, we went and visited with the clown...
Davis thought that the clown needed to see the shark on his shirt
And he thought the frog made out balloons was pretty cool

And the Easter bunny was really cool from our table.  Davis asked to go see him, but was really unsure of his decision once we got up there to say hi.  After this, his requests for "Outside, outside" became more frequent. 

After I took a chance to get a bite to eat for myself, I took off to find where Jared and Davis had wandered off to...
this is where I found my two boys, out by the nearest golf green!  I LOVE that these two share the same hobbies already :)  And Jared even more so!
So, we picked up a golf cart and headed to the practice holes so Davis could play "Dolf".  He went up to the flag, placed his ball as close as possible without actually going in, and hit with his club in the hole.  I get it little man, make it as easy as you can on yourself!

One of Davis' other big loves is RAKES!  Imagine how cool he thought this place was... DOLF and RAKES!
We did manage to get back to the party for Davis to participate in the egg hunt.  He picked up one egg...
and headed for the nearby stairs.  In Davis-world, stairs are far more interesting than picking up eggs.
And that concluded our Easter party-turned-to-golf-outing-trip of 2011!  I can see what will be happening next year.  Adelyn and I will be inside, and Davis and Daddy will be out on the range!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

But Mom, camo rain boots improve my golf game!

So sorry buddy.  Mom stands corrected :)

Due date

April 15th, the infamous tax day, was the date that Miss Adelyn was "due". 
This sweet little girl is such a joy! 
We praise the Lord that we have been able to enjoy this healthy, happy pumpkin for the past four weeks!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Two by Two

Our two year old by our two week old!
Another shout out to Bitter Berry Boutique for the cute Big Bro/Lil Sis shirts!

Davis turned two this week and Adelyn has already been with us for two weeks (three on Monday).

Davis put up some "big" (super sarcasm :) ) stats from his two year checkup on Wednesday.  This little guy with the big heart and personality is a wee little thing, measuring in the 7th percentile for weight and 4th for height.  Dr. B added he was in the 100th for eyelashes.  Have to agree with you there Dr. B!  Oh well!  Jared says he doesn't need height to be a good golfer :) 

Davis loves all things outdoors, matchbox cars, trains, books, colors, blocks, music, guitars, dancing, and most of all - the LEAF BLOWER!  He asks about it probably 50 times a day.  We can add persistence to his list of characteristics and qualities, that's for sure!  Prayers have been answered and Davis has shown to be a super loving big brother.  He goes around asking to "touch" (which is code for he wants to rub her hair), he loves to hold and kiss her, and is sweet when she cries. 

He is full of life and we are so thankful for him!

Adelyn, so far, is a calm baby, only getting upset when it's time to eat and diaper change times.  We had an amazing first week at home in the nighttime sleep category.  Things aren't quite as amazing, but nothing unbearable, and considering she's newborn, she's due :).  She seems to love her brother's noise (which is a blessing because it is constant and unavoidable!), is a spit bubble machine, loves the bouncy seat and a good nap on the couch, sometimes sounds like a sweet little kitty when she cries, has the most adorable peaceful awake times where she calmly looks around, and thankfully doesn't seem to mind the car. 

She is a sweet, sweet girl and is the perfect addition to our family!