Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Half a Year

Well half a year is in the record books for Miss Adelyn Camille (and let's be honest, in two days, she'll be seven months)!

The Lord tears your heart open and pours Himself into you like you've never imagined the first time you get your hands on your baby.  For the first time, you get a glimpse into what true, unequivocal, unconditional love feels like.  You cannot imagine that this feeling could ever be repeated.  And then you hold another one, specifically given to you, and you find that it very much can.  And every day for the past 6 (really 7, oops) months deepens that feeling.

Addy girl, what an absolute JOY you are! 

I love that you are still a mama's girl and your best smiles and giggles go to your daddy.  You have developed an enormous amount of patience with a brother that just oh so desperately wants to play with you.  Good thing you think he's pretty funny! 

You can sit up now, but would much rather get to your stomach to try to crawl or dig your heels in to try to stand up.  But, you're still a big fan of lying on your back so you can play with your feet.  You watch so intently while I cook dinner, already my little pal.  You seem to have a more broad palette than your brother did (doesn't take much to reach that bar) at the three meal times a day.   It's a wonder any baby food gets into your mouth at all because, my dear, you are unbelievably messy at meal times.  I love that you are a good snuggler, and love even more that you are such a peaceful sleeper. 

Isser (your brother's name for you), you are such a pumpkin.  So thankful for you!