Monday, May 30, 2011


Well, not missing entirely, but a bit preoccupied, no clues why... (can you just taste the sarcasm there?)

The Green household is doing really well these days!  It seems as though we have fallen into a schedule the past two weeks, which I love a plan!

Miss Adelyn is 10 weeks old today!  She is smiling more and more each day, rolling over occasionally from her tummy to back (but not consistently), likes to "stand-up" in your lap, loves to have a conversation of "cooing", usually waking up only once at night (last bottle at 7:30ish, waking up around 2:00ish, and again for the day at 7:30ish - PRAISE THE LORD!). 

Sweet little girl showing off her baby blues and hint of her sweet dimple

Surprise face!!

Pretty little one 

Davis is such a sweetheart!  Jared and I are absolutely loving this age/stage.  He is becoming more and more like a "big boy" each day (aside from the TOTAL regression with the pacifier since the arrival of his sister and the fact that she has one...but we'll deal with that another day).  His conversations are so fun and his expressions are priceless.  His playtime is becoming more and more mature, being content with playing in the next room by himself.  He is such a sweet big brother and a total pumpkin!  Love, love, love him!!! 

And of course, still VERY much into "DOLF".  Never thought my two year old would ask to watch the golf channel...

Playing golf at Fairy's house with the new golf clubs he got from Lovey & Papa Steve at his birthday party