Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The First Few Days as a Family of Four

Adelyn was born on Monday, March 21 and the three of us were in the hospital until Thursday, March 24 (a day sooner than planned!). 

Jared and I had such a great hospital experience.  Nurses truly must be angels straight from the Lord!  With shift changes, we had 6 nurses every day - one for me, a nurse's tech for me, and a nurse for Adelyn. And we had some of the most caring, loving women taking care of us!  Each one was just such a blessing!  Jared and I kept joking that we felt a little bit like we were on vacation.

Here are some pictures during our hospital stay.

Snuggling with the little one
Sporting an outfit from a sweet girl named Anna (and some newborn rash that has thankfully gone away)
In Daddy's "nook"
A picture with Daddy before he headed into the office for a little bit
Adelyn Camille with Aunt Camille
Adelyn (2 days old) with first friend, Will Gurganus (2 weeks and 2 days old)
Sweet baby girl showing off a hat from a sweet friend

All dressed up and ready to go home!
Davis meets his "sis"
"Look at her toes"
Lovey, Aunt B, Brynn, and Bridger were at our house shortly after we got home to welcome us and meet Miss A
Davis just had to have his sister sit in his chair with him
Daddy is learning how to multi-task with two little ones

"Daddy, she has eyes!"
All of our family had to leave on Monday before Adelyn was released from the nusery.  So, Gigi and Paw Paw came on Thursday evening to get their hands on Adelyn!
Wide awake! 
Thanks Shelly for letting us borrow Hannah's bouncy seat!  Adelyn is a big fan!
Laid back after our first appointment with Dr. B

We have had a wonderful first few days as Green Party of Four!

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 21, 2011 - A Birth Day for a Baby Girl

Jared and I left for Dallas on Sunday after we got in one more Sunday school lesson with the amazing Skaggs class and made the Davis pass off to my parents.  I was super proud of myself for not bursting out into tears when Davis drove off waving at us.  Jared was pretty impressed with me too. 

We were able to spend a couple of hours with our favorite Dallas family of four, the Gurgs.  I was able to hold sweet little Will (born just a couple of weeks before on March 7) and Jared got in some quality Anna time.  We love this sweet family!

My sister flew in from a long weekend trip to Arizona and we met up with her for an incredible dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas, Kenny's.  Can we say YUMMY?  Brittany is hilarious and when you pair her with Jared, it's always a fun time!  We laughed and laughed and headed back to the hotel where my sister treated me to her blow drying my hair (one of my favorite things EVER). 

After a somewhat sleepless night for me (just could not get comfortable and probably a little bit preoccupied), we got up and headed to the hotel.  Again, my sister is hilarious and kept us laughing the whole time.  I told her she should rent herself out for situations like this.  Seriously.

One last picture before it's off to the operating room

Love, love, love my sister.  BEST. SISTER. EVER.

 Who can't have fun with this crazy family??? 

Shortly after this, Jared and I got a few minutes of alone time and prayer time.  Then, I was off to the operating room with Jared left behind for about 20 minutes while I got prepped and the all important numbed.  My fellow "sweaters" (aka hot natured ladies) of the world can sympathize... I was burning up in the OR.  They had brought in warmed blankets as most patients get the shakes.  Not this lady!  The spinal tap this time was much more intense than with Davis (not with pain but as in the rush as it affected my body) and I literally began sweating profusely!  My request of turning down the temperature was answered with, "Well Courtney, it's 66 degrees in here."  It was rather comical.  By the time Jared got in there, I had cold wash cloths all over my face and gloves filled with ice on my neck. 

Pretty attractive, huh?

And just 21 minutes from the time they wheeled me into the OR...

And weighing in at...

We got to meet our sweet little girl!  Praise the Lord!  Adelyn's lungs were so much stronger than her brother's.  She passed all of her initial tests in the OR (although she would end up going to the nursery for 5 hours to monitor her as her breathing was just a bit fast) and Jared and I were so thankful for a healthy baby girl.

Jared, Adelyn and I with the BEST. DOCTOR. EVER.  Dr. Weprin is worth every hour of a car ride.

Daddy and his little girl

It was such an answered prayer to me that I got to hold Adelyn right after.  I had not been able to do this with Davis and since Adelyn is our last little one, I really wanted to experience this.  While I only got to hold her for about 5 minutes, it was precious and I'll always remember it.

While we waited for Miss Adelyn to join us, my profuse sweating continued.  Jared and Camille tried to survive with warm blankets that my sweet nurse brought them.

And at 4:30, Miss Adelyn Camille was back in our arms and had stolen our hearts.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Day as a Family of Three

We spent last Saturday celebrating our last day as a family of three.  Well, technically Sunday was the last day, but Davis was headed to his grandparents early and Jared and I were heading to Dallas.  So Saturday had nothing on the agenda but having fun with our sweet little guy.

First on the agenda:  Park Time!

Next:  Hughes Plant Farm
Davis loves flowers as much as his green thumb Dad, so he enjoyed the errand as much as he did the park.  He loved riding in the wagon, pointing out flowers, running the aisles.  In Davis' world, nothing could be more grand.  Daddy + Mommy + Outside = A Great Time for Davis

After his nap, we literally indulged any type of play Davis wanted to do.  Cars, trains, Finding Nemo, coloring, playing golf outside, he named it and we did it (within reason). 

Davis is such a sweet, loving little boy.  We had the best time doing nothing but playing with our little guy.  Adelyn is pretty lucky to have such a cool big brother, and Jared and I praise the Lord daily for this amazing little man.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


to BOWS!!!

My friend Kathryn makes the cutest bows, headbands, apparel, etc. They are so well made, awesome colors, she's always open for special orders, and her prices are sinfully too low (Kathryn, seriously...)!!!

And I am taking the first step as an addict, admitting that I am addicted!!!  Look at this stack of hair gear that I've bought, and Adelyn is not even here yet! 

I know this pile is nothing compared to others' and I know that I'll be buying many more as they get lost, etc., but it's just so fun!  I cannot wait to see what all of these look like on the little pumpkin.

Bitter Berry Boutique - I admit, I'm addicted to you!!!

10, 9, 8, 7...

Literally just seems like yesterday that the countdown was 10, 9, 8, 7 weeks, not DAYS

Jared and I are so thankful that we have made it this far in the pregnancy without any troublesome symptoms as we had with Davis.  Praise the Lord!

We've gotten everything checked off our list.  Davis is moved to his new big boy room (but still in a crib), Adelyn's room is all ready for its new occupant, everything has been washed and prepared, and we even got our car shopping done last week.  We are all ready to roll, so the common phrase goes, and it's time to just relax to what I can only assume is a bit of a storm.

Jared and I are positively thrilled to meet God's new little blessing for us.  But gosh, I in no way am sitting here with rose colored glasses on how the first few weeks will go.  While I know Davis will be very loving and affectionate to his little sister, his world will definitely be rocked.  I can envision some frustration when his tag alongs (aka Mama and Dadddy) take a bit longer to acknowledge his requests.  I have tried to help him be more independent the last couple of weeks.  But while he plays alone well, it's just so darn cute that he grabs my hand to come sit with him and join in, I have been relishing every moment that I can.  With all that said, I know that Davis will be a wonderful big brother, given a few weeks to get used to his new role.

And let's be honest, my and Jared's worlds are going to be rocked too!  I have been so blessed in sleeping so well that I am almost embarassed to admit it.  I had a lot of sleepless nights when I was pregnant with Davis.  I felt that had been the Lord's way of preparing me for getting up in the night.  Now I'm a bit worried that all of this wonderful sleep is the Lord's way of saying, "Wow, it's about to get really rough at night.  I'll let her store up as much as she can."  Please Adelyn, please be a peaceful sleeper like your brother.  But then everyone keeps telling me that if you have one good sleeper, then you can't have two.  Geez...please don't be true.

But regardless how the first few weeks may go, we are blessed beyond words with our expanding family.  I am so excited about this little life that I can hardly stand it!  I know that we have a lifetime of priceless, precious, wonderful memories ahead of us.  Thank you Lord for this gift!